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The Twinkle Space Mission is Blue Skies Space Ltd.’s flagship mission.

Blue Skies Space Ltd. (BSSL), was set up in 2014 with the aim of providing cost-effective, rapidly-delivered space facilities for users worldwide through a service-based model. BSSL aims to break the publicly-funded model for astronomy and astrophysics missions and employ a commercial approach to create new opportunities for cutting-edge science. BSSL will demonstrate a new model for how world-class astronomy can be delivered at a relatively low cost and on a rapid timescale.


Team Members

Professor Jonathan Tennyson

Chairman and Co-Founder

Dr. Marcell Tessenyi

CEO and Co-Founder

Professor Giovanna Tinetti

Chief Scientist and Co-Founder

Dr. Martin Faulkes

Non-Executive Director

Phillip Windred

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Archer

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Max Joshua

Senior Development Manager

Professor Giorgio Savini

Adviser, Science and Instrumentation

Ian Stotesbury

Lead Systems Engineer

Dr. Dan Brown