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Diatomic Constants (DC)

Diatomic molecules are found everywhere – in the oxygen we breath, as well as in stars and exoplanets. Astronomers can use their knowledge of diatomic molecules to investigate astrophysical bodies without ever going there. Some diatomics have unusual properties that allow them to be cooled to very low temperatures, e.g. calcium monofluoride, so a detailed knowledge of how diatomics behave has diverse applications including environmental studies, industrial processes, astrophysics, cold molecules and quantum computers.

The Huber-Herzberg database of spectroscopic constants for diatomic molecules was published in 1979 and is still cited approximately once a day.

The ORBYTS Diatomic Constant (DC) project aims to update the Huber-Herzberg database with the vast increase in knowledge of molecular constants over the 50 years since the data was originally produced.

Teams working on an ORBYTS DC project:

  • Participate in real research
  • Contribute to wider science
  • See firsthand how science is changing
  • Have opportunities to co-author a published scientific paper in the future.

If you would like to find out more:

Download an ORBYTS DC Session Programme for 2017-2018

Visit the ORBYTS users site