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Science Publications

Exoplanet spectroscopy and photometry with the Twinkle Space Telescope; Billy Edwards, Malena Rice, Tiziano Zingales, Marcell Tessenyi, Ingo Waldmann, Giovanna Tinetti, Enzo Pascale, Giorgio Savini, Subhajit Sarkar. Experimental Astronomy, 8 December 2018

Remote Sensing Characterisation of Major Solar System Bodies with the Twinkle Space Telescope; Billy Edwards, Giorgio Savini, Giovanna Tinetti, Marcell Tessenyi, Claudio Arena, Sean Lindsay, Neil Bowles [Accepted for Publication to JATIS]

Small Bodies Science with Twinkle; Billy Edwards, Sean Lindsay, Neil Bowles, Giorgio Savini, Giovana Tinetti, Marcell Tessenyi [Submitted for Publication]

Technical Publications

Twinkle – A Low Earth Orbit Visible and Infrared Exoplanet Spectroscopy Observatory; G. Savini and the Twinkle Payload Consortium. Preprint (SPIE astronomical telescopes + instrumentation 2016 paper 9904—175) – Proceedings of the SPIE (2016)

The infrared spectrometer for Twinkle; M. Wells. Preprint (SPIE astronomical telescopes + instrumentation 2016 paper 9904—176) – Proceedings of the SPIE (2016)

Twinkle: A new idea for commercial astrophysics missions; S. Jason, A. da Silva Curiel, M. Tessenyi, G. Tinetti, G. Savini, J. Tennyson, E. Pascale, J. Williams, G. Johnson, S. Prasad, A. Vora, C. Saunders, J. Friend, M. Sweeting. Presented at the 4S Symposium, Valletta, Malta, 30 May 2016.

EduTwinkle Publications

Original Research By Young Twinkle Students (ORBYTS): when can students start performing original research?; C. Sousa-Silva, L. McKemmish, K. Chubb, M. Gorman, J. Baker, E. Barton, T. Rivlin, J. Tennyson. Physics Education, 6 December 2017.

For publications from the ORBYTS programme please see the EduTwinkle page.