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Survey Programme

In addition to the provision of dedicated telescope time, Twinkle’s multi-year survey programme will deliver visible and infrared spectroscopy of thousands of objects within and beyond our solar system. These surveys will yield a comprehensive dataset, enabling unprecedented science on a global scale. The survey aims to encourage worldwide scientific collaborations leading to high-impact publications by providing powerful population studies in two science areas: exoplanets and solar system bodies.

Twinkle’s field of regard is +/- 40 degrees from the ecliptic plane, centred on the anti-Sun vector. This will provide a wealth of opportunities to observe known targets and predicted targets that will be detected by exoplanet surveys including TESS, NGTS, K2, KELT, WASP and CHEOPS.

Transiting exoplanets discovered within Twinkle’s field of regard
TESS predicted targets within Twinkle’s field of regard
Asteroids and comets within Twinkle’s field of regard

Global Collaboration

The survey programme will enable new scientific collaborations among our global community. Starting from Spring 2020, the survey’s founding members will work together to shape its science goals, observing strategy and target selection.

Access to the survey programme is available to individuals and institutions via an annual membership. All survey members simultaneously receive access to the full dataset each year.

For more information on joining the Twinkle survey programme contact our team.

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