Twinkle Amateur Campaign

Observations of exoplanetary systems provided by amateur astronomers will be an important resource for the Twinkle science team.

DSC_1838Twinkle, in collaboration with the BAA, held a preliminary workshop on Monday 9th January 2017  to explore the scope of amateur involvement in support of the mission and the ESA candidate mission ARIEL. 27 participants from the amateur astronomy community and the Twinkle team attended. A follow up meeting is planned for the 2nd March 2017 (details to follow) and further details on the campaign and how to get involved will be added over the coming months.


Outcomes of the workshop

Notes from the afternoon discussion session.

Report on the meeting by Richard Miles and Roger Pickard of the BAA



If you are interested in participating in the amateur campaign to support Twinkle, please take the time to fill in this survey:

The survey is designed to help the Twinkle science team understand the availability of the amateur community and respond to your requirements.